A:S:S for Gen-Neutral

Coat in male and female models, highly customizable via texture hud.

260L, only at Gen-Netural!


Exclusive A:S:S VIP gift!

A little something to bloody up your Halloween a bit! Only available in the A:S:S VIP group (joining fee 100L) 


A:S:S deLuxe for Lazy Sunday

Brooch in gold and silver with three choices of gem textures.
Only 75L for Lazy Sunday!


A:S:S for Gen-neutral

Gen-neutral is open and this is the stuff we have for it!

Unisex briefs/boyshorts, as system layers and SLINK appliers for all bodies.

And that nail polish that you couldn't be assed to take care of and wore for two weeks.

And there's lots of other awesome stuff from designers way more talented at the event as well!
Go check it out!


A:S:S deLuxe - Chakra bangles

Bangles for Lazy Sunday. Unrigged mesh, copy/mod, gold and silver incl. 75L