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Naveen skins

Didn't get a chance to get the Niko, limited edition skin?

Don't worry, here's a brand new one for you, with unlimited availability.

A:S:S proudly presents

This skin is slightly more toned than the previous ones from A:S:S, but still very sleek and smooth with an almost silky texture.

It's available in two skin tones and with four different makeups.

Available now at the A:S:S mainstore


Niko - Limited edition skins!

Ok.. so.. now I've FINALLY perfected my skins to a level where I feel I can sell them. I worked out the flaws and managed to create as skin that's absolutely beautiful even with a minimum of makeup. And what happens? I get all greedy and doesn't wanna share!

"Myyyy skin... myyy precioussssss..."
(that's me... sitting in my new skin, refusing to leave my skybox 'cause that would mean putting on clothes..)

But... after thinking about it long and hard, I decided to compromise.

I'm selling them in a limited edition. Only 20 of the skins will be sold in sl for all eternety. Just 20. And I'm still cheap as ever, considering. $L500 per skin.

Come have a look. Only at the A:S:S mainstore.

NOTE: Skins are sold as originals, which means that after you buy the box, you need to TAKE it into your invent, and from there you can rez and unpack.


White trash wedding!

A wonderfully slutty weddingdress, with riding up panties and amazingly tasteless mesh stockings, (whith sculpt rose garter, woot!) for just $L10! Fuzzy slip on's included...

And if your're marrying a man not willing to crossdress, there's also a suit available, in the most repulsive purple hue, with a classy rose for the pocket. (Get it at the A:S:S mainstore) Also just $L10! (no shirt included.. shirts are for snobs)

Find a sandbox, get your least drunk friend to read the cermony, and you have yourself a beautiful white trash wedding for just $L20! Bargain! And you'll live happily ever after!

Get them at the A:S:S mainstore!


Short knits

They're smexy.. not much more to say really. ^^
Get them at A:S:S
And oh! Fatpacks are $L250.

More mix and match tanks!

A new bunch of mix tanks, made to work together with the first bunch, or on their own. Two tanks in all layers, + combo option on all layers, $L90 or all 10 tanks with 5 finished combos for $L350.
At A:S:S.