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More tanktops!

For the girls this time...

Multilayerd as always...

Long, short...

tucked, untucked...

And in 6 gorgeous colours.

Endless possibilitys of variation!

Save $L100 on the fatpack.

Available at the A:S:S Mainstore



I am soooooo tired of this freakin winter I've resorted to making summer clothes...

Trying to pretend like there's not 5 feet of snow outside the window....

Newest addition are these, light, cool tanktops for guys, in 6 spring-ish colours.

Available at the A:S:S mainstore


Springy tracksuits!

Time to get in shape for the beach season?
Why not do it in one of these cute tracksuits? Comes in 5 springy colours for your convenience. ^^


Newbie freebies!

Since right now A:S:S is giving out freebies to noobs less than 20 days old. A neat little kit that would cost $L260 normally. (and with A:S:S-prices, that's a lot of good stuff)

So... yay? ^^

Argyle shirts

Delightfully geeky shirt, multilayer, available in four colours.
From A:S:S


Lucky letter exclusive dress

Cute, plaid dress, multilayer, copy/mod, that is not for sale yet, but only available in a lucky letter board at the A:S:S mainstore. Here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fordham/48/87/105/