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Christmas briefs

The last christmas gift for this year from A:S:S. In the box under the tree under the stairs.

And when the holidays are over, you can come get these instead. ^^

Happy Holidays


Free fur boa

In the name of Zane and extravagant stuff, todays christmas gift is a fur boa!
Under the tree, under the stairs, at the A:S:S mainstore.

Decadence and extravagance

I admit it... I am totally in love with the decadent rockstar look, extravagant clothes for showoffs. And this outfit is REALLY for showoffs...  silk in deep, lusterous, colours with gold or silver embroidery, highly detailed fur collar, long flowing coat. It has it all.

Each pack is $L100 and contains the pants and jacket in all layers, collar with or without fur, flexi coat, plus sculpt cuffs and beltbucke. A value pack with all colours for $L500 is also available.

Get it today, at the A:S:S mainstore, and face the weekend with some snazznyness extrordinaire. ^^


Christmas gifties!

Some of you might have noticed the christmas present under the tree under the stairs...

This gift will contain random items for free, from now until christmas. I'll be switching the stuff in the box every other day or so.

I'll make a little notice on the blog and on twitter whenever there's something new in it.

Today, you'll find this nifty t-shirt!

My friend Tiger found this brilliant logo on a gas station somewhere in Colorado the other day, and I think we can all agree it makes a great t-shirt print!

Come and get it. Under the tree, under the stairs at the A:S:S mainstore


Crop hoodies

One of these days I'll go back to making something that's not ultra short..  I promise. Just not today. ^^
$L70 for one, $L450 for all 9.
At the A:S:S mainstore now!


Holiday Survival Anters

Balls, beer and a condom. All you need to get through the holidays.

And they're transfer... perfect as a christmas gift.
Get them at A:S:S


Free Santa costume from A:S:S

Two of santas favourite elfs, Grumpy hat and Sparkly ears, got into serious trouble this weekend.
After one eggnog too many they snuck into santas closet,  stole a costume and went off to The frozen twink (the only gay club in the north pole) where they got even drunker.

Now... santa has taken care of the elfs.. and he threw out the clothes....

Fortunatly, I was there... so... I've got the costume AND polaroids!

The costume is up for grabs, for FREE, at the A:S:S mainstore.

And here's the pics!


Falloff A:S:S vinyl pants & sleeveless crop knits

I know you all want vinyl pants that are falling off your ass, and skimpy little tops. Yeah. So, I made it.
Get them in singles, $L75 for the pants and $L60 for the tops, OR get a pack of all pants for $L500, a pack of all tops for $L350 OR a pack with the whole caboodle in a value pack for $L700.

Out at the A:S:S mainstore now!