A:S:S - Info and policys

✯ Failed delivery? Try the redelivery terminal HERE
✯ Something else? Contact Photos Nikolaidis inworld.
✯ All my IM's go to e-mail, no need for notecards.


Redeliveries, gift cards, customer rewards!

This is how happy I am over the fact that the new vendor system is now in place after FIVE FUCKING DAYS OF PACKING AND LISTING!

So... for me this ment a sore clicky-finger and hovering on the brink of insanity for five days. (do you have ANY idea how boring repetitive tasks are to me?) BUT! What does it mean for YOU?

I'll tell you. I will.

As soon as I'm done complaining. My shoulder hurts too. And feel like I've been welded onto my chair.

ok, done.

What does it mean for YOU?

It means this:
- Re-deliveries on all copy products. Lost something? No problem! Just click the vendor or any of the redelivery terminals.
- Gifting options. Click on a vendor and you can send whatever is in it as a gift to anyone you want!
- Gift cards. Want them to be able to choose their own gift? Get them a gift card!
- Customer rewards. Big shoppers gets rewarded with automatic refunds. The bigger the shopper, the bigger the refund %.

This new system applies to A:S:S and all of it's sub-brands. The same gift card can be used for any A:S:S-brand.

Our A:S:S VIP group members gets some extra perks, such as a constant 10% discount on prefabs and a constant 50% discount on eye fatpacks! Just wear the tag for this discount. If you can't find a special vendor or pay-button for it, just pay the regular sum and you'll get refunded. AS LONG AS YOU'RE WEARING THE GROUP TAG!

Ok? Any questions on this? No? Good!


Vision by A:S:S - Ghost eyes

New set of supernatural mesh eyes at Vision by A:S:S. 80L a pair, 500 for the fatpack of all 9 colours. VIP group members gets a 50% fatpack discount!



A:S:S - Studio skybox - 10L!

Studio skybox in partial mesh. land impact 54, 30x30 meters.
Introduction prince - 10L over the weekend!
(Free for VIP group members!)




Vidar by Photos Nikolaidis
Facepaint in 4 colours, including a tintable white. copy/mod, 50L