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omgwtf? A whole new A:S:S?

 Once upon a time there was this shop owner, who'd been mucking about for ages, thinking he should really do something about the chaotic state of his shop, but he just never got around to it.

Then, one Saturday in March, inspiration struck him, like an acme anvil in the back of the head.
He started from scratch, killed all his darlings and worked non stop for two days.

And from the ashes rose...

A whole new A:S:S!

Complete with new nifty shop design, airy spaces, a lovely view from the large windows and a fleamarket where all this darlings that couldn't be killed ended up in boxes priced from $L10.

Yay! Come check it out! *bounces*


Divine eyes

First there were stars in your eyes... then came love in your eyes.. and here's the divine verisons of them.
Brighter colours, brigher reflexes, names after cool deities!
$L50 for a pair, $L400 for a pack of 10 and $L600 for all 20 of them.


New Noob-freebies!

I've finally upgraded my newbie-freebie pack!

It's totally free for avi's under 30 days, and it contains jeans, tanks, tee's a hoodie a sweater and eyes. In other words, a complete clothing base pack. All the stuff is unisex, so.... bring your noobs!



Love in your eyes!

These are the follow up on the "Stars in your eyes". This time with heart reflexes!

 Just like the previous series, these show suble highlights in daylight and bright reflexes at night.

$L50 a pair, or the fatpack for $L400. At A:S:S.


FF courderoys

New stuffs! Yay!

Ultra low rise, velvet, couderoy pants.
All layers, copy/mod, optional prim cuffs.
Available in 10 colours at $L70 a pair, or get colour packs with five in each for $L250.

It's also the last week of the clearance sale, then that stuff will be gone foreeeeever... (well.. really, it'll be hiding in my invent, but you can't get it there)

But.. yeah. Seeeexy courderoys. Go get them! <3