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Glass beads necklaces

Absolutely beautiful glass bead necklaces.
Click for largers pictures (really... do.. look clooose at the pretty beads.. so pretty you wanna eat them... yush...)

$L145, resize scripted.



Oscar, Silk loungewear

For those lazy days, when you just wanna strut around the house smoking a pipe and looking careless.

If you can't decide on a colour, get the fatpack for $L475!



Sarongs for men in silky, beautiful fabrics.
All prims, attaches to stomach, resize scripted, copy/mod. $L65, or $L400 for all ten colours.


Weekly dollarbie tee

I decided to re-introduce the weekly dollarbie tee's, and here's the first one!

You'll find it in a box on the counter right by the door.