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Pinch tee's

It's too early in the morning... I've got absoutely nothing witty to say. Just look at the pics, will you?

Out now. Yup.


Messenger bags!

Come in a resize scripted and an unscripted version, both copy/mod. $L65, demos available.

And, there's also the freeeee version!


Slacker shirt v2

I upgraded the old slacker shirts, now even slackier!

Optional prim collar and sleeves are included in the $L70 packs and you can get a set of matching scarves in all colours to go with it for just $L10.


Caged heart, necklace

Choose between trans/mod and copy/mod.
Colour change crystal heart in 59 colours!

Try the demo.


Extra! Extra! Bruce Ying beats up guy in park!

Oh hai there! Like my fence?

Look! No hands!

Your fence?! YOUR fence? Oh hell no...

 Get away from my fence!


The good news?
I got my hands on their pants!



I love henleys... they're like the perfect shirts for slacking around the house with. Sooooo.... without further ado... Tadaa!


The sweatshop!

See how I'm looking really really focused on my work here, while Storm in the background is just looking bored...
Well.. the picture is lying. What's really going on here is him actually working on some stuff while I'm just fooling around to get a pic where it looks like I'm working.
Self-delusion ftw!