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A:S:S - The modernist

Yeah, I'm on a skybox building spree.

49 prims
25x25 meters

10L until friday!

AND! Dumdummdummmm, VIP Group gift!
A:S:S VIP group gift - Blizzard skybox


A:S:S @ Mens 24

A:S:S @ Mens 24

The Mens 24
August 19th-27th, 2011

A:S:S - Glamour Mob limited ed. for Mens 24
24 Menswear Designers...
4 Amazing Hair Designers...
4 Wonderful Skin Artists...
4 Fabulous Accessory Designers...
1 Week...
A:S:S - Glamour Mob limited ed. for Mens 24

All the menswear designers in the event have created an exclusive outfit for this event, only to be sold in a limited edition of 100.

A:S:S - Glamour Mob limited ed. for Mens 24

The outfit from A:S:S is a angrodynous twist on classic formal menswear. Pants, formal shirt and tie, and a black leather corset to make things intresting. And the jewel in this crown is the new mouth piercing from A:S:S deLuxe.

The Glamour Mob outfit will ONLY be sold in 100 pieces, and only at the Mens 24 event.

A:S:S - Restrained 2
Also to be released at the event are these long corsets. They can be worn with the limited ed. outfit, or on their own.

Just like the limited ed. outfit, they come in all layers with an optional belt. and you can choose from 16 different designs.

Unlike the Glamour Mob outfit, these will be available in the A:S:S mainstore as well once the event is over.

A:S:S - Restrained 2A:S:S - Restrained 1



A:S:S for La Venta Eventa

A:S:S - Plain old tees

Tees for a sales event? Wtf?

Yeah.... I know... I blame rl work for my horrible lazyness...
But, look at it this way... you'll get a really nice base packs of v-necks for just 75L!


Narayan necklace

A:S:S - Narayan necklace for MSW
If you didn't visit MSW yet, it's definitly time now. Lots of awesome offers from awesome designers.

The second round started today, and from A:S:S you'll find this turqouise necklace for just 50L

Get it here!