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Vision by A:S:S - Photo contest

march 16 - march 30

I:st prize: 5000L gift card valid at all the A:S:S brand stores
2:nd prize: 2000L gift card valid at all the A:S:S brand stores
3:rd prize: 1000L gift card valid at all the A:S:S brand stores

- The photo needs to be a close-up and feature any of the
mesh eyes from Vision by A:S:S
- Max 3 submissions per person.
- Submit your photos to the “Vision by A:S:S - Photo contest”
flickr group: www.flickr.com/groups/2167001@N20/
- In the description of the picture - write the name and
colour of the eyes you used.

Vision by A:S:S - Quinn eyes

New set of eyes at Vision by A:S:S

Mesh & system eyes, clear and natural whites incl. with all colours.
80L/pair - fapack 350L



Son of a Cardigan!

 Mesh cardigans with shirts in a plethora of colours and patterns!

5 sizes, copy, alpha textures included if you want to combine them with other alphas. 186L. (because odd prices that make no sense are awesome) Try the demo!