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Cotton vests

Vest in soft cotton.
Two kinds of pocket chains included, copy/mod, all layers.
If you can't decide on colour, the value pack with all 10 colours is just $L350!
From A:S:S with love.

Expanded clearance sale!
I've added more stuff to it!



I got this really nice review today by some really charming people who came by for the clearance sale.
It went like this:

[1:54]  Andrew Chauveau: its all ugly shit tho
[1:55]  Veronica Sivocci: everything here is
[1:55]  Andrew Chauveau: hahaha true say
[1:55]  Andrew Chauveau: wtf
[1:55]  Andrew Chauveau: ok like
[1:55]  Andrew Chauveau: who COULDNT make this srsly
[1:55]  Arcus Algoma: I actually think I got current skin from here >-<
[1:55]  Veronica Sivocci: lmao
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: rf
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: barf*
[1:56]  Veronica Sivocci: aw
[1:56]  Veronica Sivocci: well
[1:56]  Arcus Algoma: lol
[1:56]  Veronica Sivocci: we're just picky b/c we're fashion gurus
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: if i go to a store and i could make everything in it, it's not good enough
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: hahaha
[1:56]  Veronica Sivocci: people who need cheap stuff would love it here
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: i guess
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: but
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: i can find better freebies than this
[1:57]  Veronica Sivocci: lol
[1:57]  Arcus Algoma: agreed
[1:57]  Veronica Sivocci: what if the owner's here
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: wtf
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: ur wearing the skin
[1:57]  Arcus Algoma: and I could make a bunch of it already, but not eerything
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: lol
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: they arent
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: their name is photo somthing
[1:57]  Arcus Algoma: i been here less than 2 weeks
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: OH HAHAHA
[1:57]  Arcus Algoma: ::shrug::
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: THEY ARE HERE

So.. here I really had the chance to go all Ricki Lake, like
"ok... like... srsly... wft! Get the fuck outta ma shop you fugly bitches" and hit the ban button with some stylish head and wrist-action to accessorise.

But did I? No.. I went:

[1:57]  Photos Nikolaidis: He is, but that's fine. ^^

Eh... here I get the best opportunity ever to take out my aggressions on random people I don't care for, and I decide to be all zen about it? "It's fine"?!? What the hell is wrong with me?

Credit to the girl for at least trying to make some kind of apology though.

[1:57]  Veronica Sivocci: lmfao aww <3
[1:58]  Veronica Sivocci: your stuff is great love goodj ob
[1:58]  Arcus Algoma: no many people with my time have a 100% custom avie, (this aint it)
[1:58]  Photos Nikolaidis laughs
[1:58]  Veronica Sivocci: yaeh being on sl for 4 years, you start to get extremely picky
[1:58]  Veronica Sivocci: I sorry..
[1:58]  Veronica Sivocci: so i'm really I'm Sorry! about what we said
[1:59]  Veronica Sivocci: LMAO
[1:59]  Arcus Algoma: ::sighs, changes clothes yet again::
[1:59]  Veronica Sivocci: karma baby
[1:59]  Photos Nikolaidis: No need to try to smooth over, really. I'm assuming you ment it. I'm not hurt and will go kill myself or antyhing.

Though.. I can't say that it felt very sincere or gave me a fuzzy feeling....
(Note how I had no fucking idea how to respond here... all I could do was laugh about it because it was so absurd.. )

Was I upset?
Obviously. That's like having someone tell you that your a talentless twat with ugly offspring.

Will I close down my shop and cry for a week?
Eh.. no. I'll settle for this petty blog post.

Will I try to change my stuff into what they want?
No, I kinda like my ugly shit. That's why I make it.

Will I photoshop them into my stuff and post all over the internet?
Umm... ooh... very tempting..not to mention hilarious...  but too much work.

Have I never trashed somone elses stuff?
Sure I have. I'm just not stupid enough to do it in open chat.

Why do I let myself be bothered by a couple of fashionista brats who take themselves far too seriously?
Well, they DID hit me over the back of my head with my own ego in a most effective way. I think I have a concussion.

Do I think they'll read this post?
Hell yes, I'm sure they google themselves more than me even.

Clearance sale!

It's time for some spring cleaning!
Out with the old and in with the new and all that!

Upstairs at A:S:S you'll find a room full of clothes, shoes and accessories that I need to get rid of soon.

Everything is priced between $L5 and $L50.


The Sultan of Sunday says.. Free boots for all!

Leopard fur, resize scripted, copy/mod, unisex.


omg... free...

did I mention... they're FREE!

✰ Limited offer until next sunday ✰
(Feb. 28, that is)

At A:S:S


Leopard print pants

With texture change belt buckle!
$L80 per pair, $L450 for the fatpack.
ALL packs include the belt with 20 textures to choose from!

At the A:S:S mainstore now.




Yesterday I learned, that when you put Merrick into a pair of yellow sweatpants, he turns into Bruce Ying!

Aaaanyway.. these come in 10 colours, $L70 per pair or $L500 for the fatpack.
All layers, copy mod, optional sculpt details.. yeah.. yada yada, salespitch... Get them if you like them.

If you wanna see the sexy Bruce Ying in action, I suggest you get your ass to Starfall tonight and celebrate the year of the tiger with him. http://starfall-home.blogspot.com/2010/02/year-of-tiger-at-starfall.html

Pyjama pants

[12:40] Merrick Ying: This is me as a brazilian male model after Madonna left me.

Aw.. look... cozy!
All layers, copy/mod, optional sculpt details.
(fits girls too)
Go get them now! At the A:S:S mainstore!


Stars in your eyes II

12 new, brilliant colours for the "Stars in your eyes"!

Catch that beautiful SLstarlight!
During the day you'll have subtle little star highlights in your eyes, and at night, bright starlight reflections.
$L50 per pair or all 12 for $L500.


Available now at the A:S:S mainstore


Goth boy corsets

Corsets for guys? Hell yes!

All packs comes in two versions and in all layers so they can be worn either as a standalone or combined with something else that's cool.

$L100 per pack, or get all 12 colours in two versions for $L1000 (that's 24 different corsets in all layers people)

Available now at the A:S:S mainstore. Woot.