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I'm a starman!

The most ridiculous outfit you'll ever own.
Pants: 199L, copy, two versions included with each colour.
Jacket: 199L, copy, two versions included with each colour.



Yay Conchita!

I've never in my life cared about Eurovision, but this year it was personal and political. And we fucking won. As a little tribute to this, these are out for free.

And there's a regular release out as well.



Le mew, le rawr, le vroom vroom

 Vaki: what is a French Cheetah? I mean. Does it drive really fast around the Arc de Triomphe going, "Le mew, le rawr, le vroom vroom"? Like, while wearing a little beret?



Law day nails

Three sets of slink nail polishes for the law day celebration at Justitia Virtual Legal Resource Village.

These are only available here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Justitia/126/120/954
and all profits will go towards the sim.

Justitia is the home of the SL Bar Association with many real life lawyers from all over the world. Stop by for one of their many informative discussions on everything from human rights, real (and virtual) estates, taxes, copyright and more. Find legal information, get a referral to an attorney or tell them which topics you want to know more about.