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A:S:S Home

A:S:S Home

Right next to the big A:S:S you'll now find a smaller A:S:S (what used to be the gift shop before Christmas)

This is A:S:S Home. It's a bit like an A:S:S Ikea, (only we don't have a restaurant with meatballs or a playroom for kids.. and it's smaller.. much smaller...)

I've gathered up all the furniture, skyboxes and interior decorating stuff there, and as a grand (tiny) opening special, I've set out three secret little gifts in there!
You're looking for gift boxes. (they're not too evilly hidden, so it should be fairly easy)

Come over and make some bargains. Cheap stuff.. woot!

A:S:S Home

A:S:S Home


Thank you!

I have now summed up the income from the Christmas fundraising for Amnesty International. All sales from A:S:S for the 24:th and 25:th, and the two donation boxes that has been put out, has together raised a total of $L29 406


Merry Christmas

- The Iranian authorities continue to sentence people to death by stoning. Currently there are at least 11 individuals at risk of execution by stoning. According to Iran's Penal Code, execution by stoning is prescribed for "adultery while being married".

- Since 2006, thousands of children in Turkey, some as young as 12, have been prosecuted under anti-terrorism legislation for their alleged participation in demonstrations.

- On 16 December, the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) will vote on a draft law that would punish the “promotion of homosexual relations” with a fine of between 580 and 2,900 Euros.

- Between 90,000 - 170,000 people seeking safety from torture or persecution are abused, exploited, arrested and locked-up in Malaysia.

A:S:S will not be sending you any Christmas gifts this year...


between Dec. 24, 00.01 slt, and Dec. 25, 23.59 slt, every linden spent at A:S:S will go directly to Amnesty International and their work for human rights.

Merry Christmas. <3


Totally not sl or fashion related

About a week ago, a religious extremist blew himself up on a busy street in Stockholm. It was the first terror-labled crime we've had in Sweden, and of course a lot.. a LOT.. has been said about it the past week. Today, I found this text from Jonas Hassen Khemiri, a Swedish author. And it sums up how I feel about it all. So, I took the liberty to translate it. His writing is hard to translate, and I most likely lost a lot of his flow and finer points, but I think it's still decently representative. And I wanted to share, because I think it's relevant no matter where in the world you are.



A:S:S - Apocalyptica skybox

Here's what happens when I watch dark and gloomy movies...
PROMO PRICE! $L10 through the weekend!

A:S:S - Apocalyptica skybox

A:S:S - Apocalyptica skybox

25x30 meters
47 prims


A:S:S - Apocalyptica skybox

A:S:S - Apocalyptica skybox



Free Starboy outfit at A:S:S

A:S:S - Free starboy outfit (St.Lucia)

So.. today is Lucia in Sweden. We have plenty of weird traditions, but this is one of the weirdest. Basically it's in honor of an Italian saint (don't ask me why, since Sweden was never Catholic) and what we do, is dress up and sing.

It looks like this, when it's done by a proper choir:

There's Lucia, of course, in a white gown and a crown of candles.. and her maids, they have no crowns, but little headbands of christmas tree glitter. And there's the Starboys... white gowns, pointy paper hats and little stars on sticks.

Somewhere along the way, this custom got mixed up with christmas, probably 'cause they're so close to eachother, so somtimes little gnomes and gingerbread men also sneak into the line.


As you probably notice in that last vid, there's NO starboys! Why, you may ask yourself... and I may answer that with "Because it's so gaaaaaayyy!"

Yeah, it was the same thing when I was a kid. Noone wanted to be a starboy, because it was so gaaaaaayyyy....

In honor of this tradition, and in honor of the gayness of the starboys, I've made a free starboy outfit and gayed it up a little further with a pair of non-traditional stockings. The rest is really authentic though!



FF Plaid pants

New pants, that ride so low that no self respecting blogger fashionista will ever be caught seen in them.
But you know you all still love them anyway!

A:S:S - FF Plaid pants

Ultra low rise plaid pants
all layers
sculpt cuffs
(fatpack of 7 colours, $L430)

A:S:S - FF Plaid pants


Places you must visit pt.3 - Zigana


Beautiful, beautiful sim and shop... did I mention beautiful?

Might seem kinda stupid to promote the shop of a stranger on my own blog, but since there's no way in hell I could make things this pretty it would be mean of me to keep it from you.



more pics after the jump!


A:S:S Gift shop

A:S:S Gift shop

Since Christmas is on it's way we've now made transfer versions of some of the A:S:S bestsellers.

In the gift shop right next to the mainstore you'll find an assortment of clothes, accessories, makeup and skyboxes in transfer versions for your christmas gifts.

We're also, oh so gracefully, providing you with some free gift boxes.

If you'd like to gift an A:S:S item that's NOT in the gift shop, please send an IM to Photos Nikolaidis and we'll see what we can do.
(Freebies will not be made transfer)

The gift shop will be updated through december.

(there's also a dollarbie christmas tree right outside the gift shop)