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Free Starboy outfit at A:S:S

A:S:S - Free starboy outfit (St.Lucia)

So.. today is Lucia in Sweden. We have plenty of weird traditions, but this is one of the weirdest. Basically it's in honor of an Italian saint (don't ask me why, since Sweden was never Catholic) and what we do, is dress up and sing.

It looks like this, when it's done by a proper choir:

There's Lucia, of course, in a white gown and a crown of candles.. and her maids, they have no crowns, but little headbands of christmas tree glitter. And there's the Starboys... white gowns, pointy paper hats and little stars on sticks.

Somewhere along the way, this custom got mixed up with christmas, probably 'cause they're so close to eachother, so somtimes little gnomes and gingerbread men also sneak into the line.


As you probably notice in that last vid, there's NO starboys! Why, you may ask yourself... and I may answer that with "Because it's so gaaaaaayyy!"

Yeah, it was the same thing when I was a kid. Noone wanted to be a starboy, because it was so gaaaaaayyyy....

In honor of this tradition, and in honor of the gayness of the starboys, I've made a free starboy outfit and gayed it up a little further with a pair of non-traditional stockings. The rest is really authentic though!



Emerald Wynn said...

You just made me Google it, which means you win the "Ha ha ha! I made Emerald Google something!" award.


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I don't know why I like it. I just do.

Photos Nikolaidis said...

Haha! *wins*