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Merry Christmas

- The Iranian authorities continue to sentence people to death by stoning. Currently there are at least 11 individuals at risk of execution by stoning. According to Iran's Penal Code, execution by stoning is prescribed for "adultery while being married".

- Since 2006, thousands of children in Turkey, some as young as 12, have been prosecuted under anti-terrorism legislation for their alleged participation in demonstrations.

- On 16 December, the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) will vote on a draft law that would punish the “promotion of homosexual relations” with a fine of between 580 and 2,900 Euros.

- Between 90,000 - 170,000 people seeking safety from torture or persecution are abused, exploited, arrested and locked-up in Malaysia.

A:S:S will not be sending you any Christmas gifts this year...


between Dec. 24, 00.01 slt, and Dec. 25, 23.59 slt, every linden spent at A:S:S will go directly to Amnesty International and their work for human rights.

Merry Christmas. <3

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