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I wish I was an artist

I wish I was an artist

And not just another guy with moderate photoshop skills and occational ideas.


A:S:S Glamrocker jackets

A:S:S - Glamrocker jacket

Yes! I'm on a total fur and feathers and glam rock streak here.
These jackets, with their staggering 398 prim collar and sleeves of soft fur and fancy emu feathers are available at A:S:S now.
Copy/mod, unisex, all layers, deletable resize script (necessary with that prim load...)

$L85 or $L300 for all four colours.

A:S:S - Glamrocker jacket - purpleA:S:S - Glamrocker jacket - redA:S:S - Glamrocker jacket - blueA:S:S - Glamrocker jacket - black

Furline hoodies

A:S:S - Furline hoodies

Unisex furline hoodies in all layers.
Copy/mod with deletable resize script.
$L75, fatpack for $L500

A:S:S - Furline hoodies


Men in tights?

Hell yes!

Men in tights?

Look at them, they're comfy, kinda sexy if you think about it, and they go with everything! Pinstripes for the formal wear or pink leopards for a night out clubbing. Remember the glam rockers in the 80's? They freakin LOVED tights. Dancers wear them too. And dancers are hot. Right?

Let's all take a break here... and listen to the sound of hipsters thudding to the ground as they overload while trying to figure out if this is ironically cool or just gay...


A:S:S Rock club!

Ever wanted to own a really shabby and authentic rock club? Here's your chance.

A:S:S - Rock club

20x25 meters

Club - 40 prims, incl. small light-rig and two marshall stacks

Foldback stage monitors - 3 prims
Extra Marshall stack - 1 prim
Cases - 2 versions, 2 prims each
PA mixer and case rack, 5 prims
Extra light-rig with random colour change, 10 prims
Small monitor, 1 prim
Extra roll of gaffer tape, 1 prim

All parts are copy/mod


A:S:S - Rock club
A:S:S - Rock club


Places you must visit pt.1 - Hollow Earth Barony

This post has nothing to do whatsoever with A.S:S or new releases. You've been warned. Now...

I like to get out once in a while, leave the little world I've built for myself, and be humbled by the greatness that is out there. SL is filled with amazing builds and places created by people far more talented than myself. It's so easy to get stuck in your own little realm and miss all this fabulousness. So... I thought I was going to start sharing some of the explorations. And I'm gonna start with this place..

Hollow Earth Barony

Hollow Earth Barony. It's a city by Tekelili Tantalus of Tekeli-li! and...

Hollow Earth Barony


Hollow Earth Barony

It's absolutely breathtaking.


More makeup!

Goth makeups
mod/trans, unisex, for the tattoo layer.
$L20 per makeup and $L100 for the pack.
A:S:S - Goth makeup

Fake lashes
$L20 for 4 versions!
A:S:S - Fake lashes

And, flavoured lipgloss!
A:S:S - Lipgloss

All makeups fits most shapes and skins.


Queen makeup

Makeup on the tattoo layer for all sorts of Queens!

A:S:S - Queen makeup

Made to fit most skins and shapes. Mod/trans, $L20 per makeup or $L100 for all six.

A:S:S - Queen makeup 06A:S:S - Queen makeup 05A:S:S - Queen makeup 04
A:S:S - Queen makeup 03A:S:S - Queen makeup 02A:S:S - Queen makeup 01


Ohara skybox

I'm really into building themed skyboxes lately...

A:S:S - Ohara skybox
A:S:S - Ohara skybox

This one is available at an introduction price of $L10 until nov.10.
45 prims, 20x20 meters
Here's your cab straight to the showroom!

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