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Glossorama lipstick

A:S:S - Glossorama lipstick

Super glossy lipstick!
Comes in two versions to fit as many skins as possible, but please try the demo first.
Tattoolayer, copy/mod
$L10 per colour
$L60 for the fatpack

Upstairs, in the makeup department

A:S:S - Glossorama lipstick


Free for Noobs!

I upgraded my pack of freebies for avi's under 30 days

Free for Noobs!

I updated my freebie pack for avis under 30 days. This one contains:
Cropped jeans
Two tanktops, white and red
One black v-neck sweater
One guyliner makup
Four pairs of eyes, grey, brown, blue and green.

All clothes come on all layers and have as little prims as possible to make it easier for the average noob. ^^

Gather your noobs and drag them here: slurl.com/secondlife/Space%20Illusion%202/85/47/23

Torley Linden and thunderstorms

 Basic Melon Model

Last Tuesday was a really good day for me. First, I got a dream job RL. One of those super lucky shots that left me thinking I had to have done something right to give me all this good Karma. Later that same night, I am looking at a tent with my SL partner, and in the middle of testing the poses in the menu... I am in other words bent up in some impossible pose, laughing my ass off, when my IM box suddenly blinks

[16:16] Torleys Everywhere (torley.linden): these drama shadows are hawt! you wouldn't happen to have a green and pink one would you? :)

The feeling of surreality I'd had all day took on whole new heights...


James - Velvet suits from A:S:S

A:S:S - James, velvet suits

Last week total disaster struck. Or at least lightening. Long story short, it killed my laptop and my backup, and 4 years of SL creations.

On the lighter side of things, it gave me an excuse to finally buy a better computer. And it also means I need to come up with new ideas and stop leaning so much on using my older creations as templates for the new ones.

Soooooo.... (aside from a weird eyeshadow project that I'll tell you more about later) this is the first new creation, completely hand sewn on my new machine. I proudly present...

The James Velvet Suits!

A:S:S - James, velvet suits

Available in 8 colours, (plus an exclusive freebie for the VIP group) these suits, in the softest velvet, with lace collar and flower embroideries, are going to make you feel like you just stepped out of a backstage door on Sunset strip in -69

Just $L159 per suit, jacket and pants on all layers and deletable resize scripts in the prims.

Out now!



24H eye sale!

until may 10, 1pm SLT