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Torley Linden and thunderstorms

 Basic Melon Model

Last Tuesday was a really good day for me. First, I got a dream job RL. One of those super lucky shots that left me thinking I had to have done something right to give me all this good Karma. Later that same night, I am looking at a tent with my SL partner, and in the middle of testing the poses in the menu... I am in other words bent up in some impossible pose, laughing my ass off, when my IM box suddenly blinks

[16:16] Torleys Everywhere (torley.linden): these drama shadows are hawt! you wouldn't happen to have a green and pink one would you? :)

The feeling of surreality I'd had all day took on whole new heights...

I didn't have that eyeshadow in green and pink, but what am I supposed to do? Of course I offered him a custom totally against all my principles about custom work. This is the guy who saved my Slife with tutorials more times than I can count and in sl terms it would be a bit like I said no to the Princess of Sweden if she asked me to do her makeup. Sooooo... I tell him I'm gonna have a look at it first thing next day.

On Wednesday mornign, I wake up from a LOUD bang, and the power in my house going on and off. A thunderstorm... and lightning has struck my house...
I quickly go on a damage assessment tour, and realise that it didn't only kill my router, but also my laptop and my backup. Everything is DEAD, stone dead.

I'm not going to whine about this more than I already have, but it means I lost all my psd's and 4 years of sl creations. There comes the karma payback big time.

Eventually though, after getting a new laptop, a new router, getting the ISP to fix the broken connections outside of my house, and dowloading at least some of my PNG's back from SL, I FINALLY managed to make this custom Torley eyeshadow!

Basic Melon Model

Here it is! In all it's glory!

And, my beloved VIP group, is getting these eyeshadows as a gift! ^^

The End.


Anonymous said...

Funny how things come together some times isn't it?

congrats on the new beginnings and thanks for the gift!

Emerald Wynn said...

You are awesome! You deserve all good things, always.

Torley Linden, wearing your eyeshadow!! WOO HOOOO!!!

Ima Peccable said...

Life throws all sorts of fast balls & curves some days and bores us to death on others.
That was an interesting story and I'm glad you were able to salvage some files through SL.
Congrats on the new job too!
It really sucks about losing all your files but we'll be waiting to see what new things you come up with.
Thanks for simply being yourself, Phos. *hugs*

Shizzy said...

*gives u a big hug* Awww, sweetie... Talk about a roller coaster! lol Im glad that u were able to get back some of ur files. I dont what Id do if I lost 4yrs worth of work! Prolly go find a corner to cry in... lol Im so happy that things worked out in the end (kind of hehe). And, congrats on the RL job! That is just great! <3

ChriS said...

what happened was just... seems it had to happen... altho it costed u :(... but LL than too omgawd, if anyone deserves it its you :) thx for the lashes also, u re such a neat person photos :), megacongratz on rl jawb ! hope its all u wish for and more. hugglez

ChriS said...

the chris is my real name for teaser zamani in sl photos :) warm huggies (im new at this progr so O.o)