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A:S:S Anniversary sale - 50% OFF!

The three years of A:S:S are beeing celebrated throughout the weekend with a sale.
50% off on EVERYTHING!

That means clothes, makeup, skyboxes, accessories, furniture,eyes, fatpacks, the WHOLE store!

It means 25L shirts and 10L makeups. It means 33L supersexy pants and 25L skyboxes.

It means... get your ass over here and shop!

A:S:S - 50% off EVERYTHING!

Oh oh! There's also 5 extra lucky boards set up over the weekend.


Anniversary group gift!

Le Soleil - Group gift skybox - A:S:S 3:rd anniversary

As before mentioned, A:S:S is turning 3 years this month, and as a part of the celebrations I'm offering this skybox as an exclusive group gift.
Come and get it!

Le Soleil - Group gift skybox - A:S:S 3:rd anniversary

Le Soleil - Group gift skybox - A:S:S 3:rd anniversary


Three years...

Around 3 years ago, a friend in sl approached me and said "I have a long list of t-shirt slogans I came up with. You can photoshop. We should open a t-shirt shop."

I was really reluctant at first, partly because I didn't think I'd have the time for this, and partly because this friend in question, is totally nuts and I was sure we'd get into arguments about pretty much everything. But, another friend, gracefully gave us a little plot of land, and before I knew it, there I was, the creative part in the team behind Another Stupid T-shirt Shop.

We had NO clue what we were doing.



there's some new stuff in the discount department.
Eh.. well.. technically old stuff.. but it's the stuffs first visit to discount!


(if you happen to walk past a black curtain on your way there.. it's a secret project. Super secret. Do NOT peek behind those curtains since it's secret and not finished yet)

(there's also going to be something secret happening on the 29:th, but that's not related to the black curtain)



A:S:S - Raptor boots

A:S:S - Raptor boots

Ankle boots with studs and zipper chain.
$L147 or a fatpack of 9 for $L1000
Alpha layer and two sizes of invisiprims included.

A:S:S - Raptor boots

A:S:S - Raptor boots



Moonlight in your eyes...

... dudududuuudummm....

For some reason I keep singing that phrase in my head to the melody of Strangers in the night... I guess that's what happens when you spend 12 straight hours in photoshop... >.o

A:S:S - Moonlight in your eyes

Aaaaanyway.... eyes. *points up* Ummm... for sale and stuff.

Kim - Jeans with undies from A:S:S

A:S:S - Kim Jeans with undies

$L85, all layers, copy mod.
Fatpack, with bonus jeans without undies, $L600

A:S:S - Kim Jeans with undies

The Sultan of skyboxes!

A:S:S - Sultan Skybox $L10!

20x20 meters, 45 prims
$L10 until Jan.8!