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Hoodies $L65, Jeans $L75. $L250 if you get it all at once. At A:S:S ^^

Random dollarbie day

Today is random dollarbie day at A:S:S. That means I'm going to have at least one item set down from the ordinary price to a dollarbie at any given time until 3pm slt today.

(cheapies on the roof not included.. they're always cheap)

I'll change the items regularly... keep a look out for the green flashing light... ^^


A:S:S <3 Matsushi & Animatrix

I'm proud to announce that Matsui Thei and his Matsushi & Animatrix has moved into a corner of the A:S:S mainstore.

I've been using his brilliant anime inspired animations since I first got my hands on them, and when randomly running into him today, I almost immediately asked him to move in with me. ^^

Sersiously... I love this guys stuff. Come have a look yourself.


Happy Hunt at H-box!

I made this pair of exclusive jeans for the Harajuku box Happy Hunt, and of course there are more nifty exclusives there from other designers.
More info here: http://harajukubox.blogspot.com/


It's a.... Twinge Fuzzball!!!

I'm excited about this one..... ^^

We all know it... the twinge. That distinct feeling that clenches your heart when that login windows pops up and it's the love of your SL.

Just like the A:S:S - Twinge Locket, the fuzzball can be tuned in to the cause of Your twinge, emitting a series of heart particle bursts when the avatar logs in. As a bonus it also purrs in chat.

Get it at the A:S:S mainstore

Short punk hoodies

I made something for the girls. (boob shading... won't look good on guys... )
$L65 or $L250 for the fatpack. At A:S:S


Military shirts

Cool shirts in all layers, with flipped up collars and rolled up sleeves. $L65 at A:S:S

New scarves

Four new scarves in earth tones, regular and extra long included, $L50 at A:S:S



Low rise jeans

Each pack contains regular and folded up versions in both pants and underpants layers. Comes in blue, grey and grungy. ^^
$L75 at A:S:S

Toutou outfit

I gave the Natsumi outfit to my friend Tou, and she had so bloody many suggestions on changes, that it became an outfit on it's own, and of course I had to name it after her. ^^

Skirt with attached lollipop belt, top, fold down socks, underwear, the little bow plus arm and legbands included, all layers.

Get it at the A:S:S Mainstore


Natsumi outfit

Full outfit with top, miniskirt, underpants, bows, slouchy socks with prims, and legband included.
Copy/mod, and all layers on the top and underpants for full combination possibilitys.
From A:S:S
(also availabe in a MM board for a few days)



Are you scared yet? If not, come on over to A:S:S and get on to scare others with *nods*
$L60, all layers, prim collar.
A:S:S Mainstore SLURL



I've installed a gift card system at A:S:S.
Perfect as a rez day present for that 3 year old avi who has everything. ^^

So far they come in 50, 100, 250 and 500 linden versions. Now, that's really all you need since $L500 get's you almost half the shop.. but.. should anyone want a larger sum, just IM me and I'll set it up.