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New eyes at vision

Free eyes from Vision - eyes by A:S:S

Lots and lots of news at Vision - eyes by A:S:S, including this nifty freebie above!

Also, there's the Vibrant eyes in clear and saturated colours. Prim eyes incl. 50L or 400L for the fatpack.

A:S:S Vision - Vibrant eyes

The supernatural galaxy eyes with the glassy look comes in 16 colours, and includes two sets of prim eyes, regular and extra glowy.

A:S:S Vision - Galaxy eyes


A:S:S Vision - Herbalist eyes

A:S:S Vision - Herbalist eyes

Choose from 12 beautiful colours, 50L per pair.
The fatpack is 400L, and if you're a member of the A:S:S VIP group, just 100L!

A:S:S Vision - Herbalist eyes

copy/mod, prim eyes included



Greenscreen - You're doing it wrong...

This post has nothing to do whatsoever with A:S:S... I just felt like making a tutorial. Why am I making a tutorial? Well... look at this picture above. Look at it.

See what I mean? People... listen to me very carefully now. There is NO point in using a greenscreen for your picture, if you're going to leave little bits of green in it. It just looks weird, ok?

So, here's now you do this right! (I am sure there are lots of other ways to do it right too, but this is the way I've found fastest and easiest.)


Vision - eyes by A:S:S

Vision - eyes by A:S:S

Since I am absolutely obsessed with making eyes, I figured I'd might as well do it properly.

Soooo... I therefor proudly presents....
Vision - Eyes by A:S:S!

All of my eyes, new and old, neatly presented in it's own little shop.

Vision - eyes by A:S:S

Vision - eyes by A:S:S

Two new sets are available, Darkness in your eyes and Vampiric eyes.
There's also a Gatcha with Oddball eyes!
10L per pair, or take a chance on the 3L prim eyeball gatcha if you're in a mismatching mood.

Vision - eyes by A:S:S

Come check it out:


A:S:S for La Venta Eventa

La Venta Eventa is a new weekend sales event, running from Friday Night, 9pm till Sunday at midnight.  Eleven categories, twenty designers. Everything will be marked 100L or less, all weekend long!

That day in June

Join the group! secondlife:///app/group/3b57e179-133d-da4d-57a0-10c49d21c3d0/about

A:S:S for the Menstuff hunt

A:S:S for the Menstuff hunt, starting June 3:rd

Bellbottom pants and a wrap top. ^

Starting later today, oh yeah.