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Suspenders for all pants!

Tired of suspenders that end an inch above your pants? Try these, each colour pack comes with three lengths, fitting any pants, from regular to ultra low rise waists. They also come in all layers, letting you combine them with anything in your wardrobe.

 The A:S:S mainstore is the place to get them. ^^


Furniture for a Sultan

The lounger seats 4 avis and the pillows with the table seats 9!
Both are $L90 and copy/mod. All anims and poses are from Matsushi&Animatrix.
Come try the out at the mainstore.


Skybox group gift!

Thanks to all who came for the 2 year anniversary party!

Here's a little token of my appretiation.
(for celebrating with me, and for putting up with my spam)

It's a skybox that very open and has lots of windows, and is perfect for working in since it's got no alpha textures.

Use it as a studio or a home or a shop or whatever you want.

Garran - Kilt outfit

Get it at the A:S:S mainstore.


Thank you!

Thank you so much, all of you who helped out with the 2 year anniversary, by dj'ing, hosting or just beeing there, making it fun.
As sick as I was, I couldn't have pulled it off on my own.

And thanks to all of you who've supported me over the years, in various ways.

I'm very lucky to have such amazing friends.


Pinstripe pants

Soft and silky pinstripe pants in 8 colours. All layers, unisex, copy/mod. $L70 per pair, $L400 for all colours.



Crotch disco ball extraordinare!

[4:30]  Nathaniel Refenoir: I'm not doing another dance-off until I get a disco ball to replace the hat at my crotch!
[4:30] Photos Nikolaidis: If you promise to wear it, I'll make one.
[4:31]  Nathaniel Refenoir: I'll wear it!

You can control rotation by clicking, and the bling by saying "bling on" or "bling off" in chat.

 [2.34] Dodgeguy Woodward: Mouth accessories are so 2009!

Oh! There's also a pack of free A:S:S shorts, to celebrate the two year anniversery, available up until the party next sunday. Tiny ass-shorts, in six smashing colours of shiney latex. ^^


2 Years of A:S:S!!

A:S:S is turning two, and since I never passed up on a good excuse to throw a party, you're hereby invited!

I bullied two of SL's finest rock DJ's into playing, I'll fill the lucky letter tardis with fatpacks, and there will be a raffle ball, dropping random single packs to a random guest every 5 minutes.

Sunday jan.10, 12-2 pm at the A:S:S mainstore.

Thanks to all the friends and customers who made these two really fun years.

January cardigan

Somone apparently blogged this old hunt prize of mine, 'cause yesterday I started getting IM's from people who wanted to buy it. It turned out SL had stolen it from my inventory, but fortunatly, my own filing system is more reliable and I still had the PSD's for it. So... I revamped it in 12 colours and added some prim cuffs.

It's unisex and copy/mod, $L60 for singles and $L500 for the fatpack. Available now at the A:S:S mainstore