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Buttflap Bunny PJ's

I totally blame this one on Aneeta.. and Josh.. and the model Saori for actually looking cute in it.. THEY MADE ME MAKE IT!

Goodnight, from A:S:S.. ^^



Smokin Bunneh Jeans

I promise... as soon as Jud has finished moving and is back to take up all my spare time.. I'll stop spamming you with new stuff...
/Photos, A:S:S


Smokin Bunneh Jacket

A highly detailed, unisex denim jacket with a neat little smokin bunneh patch. ^^
With love, from A:S:S


It's an ugly christmas sweater vest!

Just $L10. And it's trans.. so you can get it for aaaall of your friends for christmas. ^^

Cosy loose knit

I'm making stuff like crazy lately...
Here's a cosy knit sweater I wish I had in RL right now 'cause it's bloody freezing. ^^
Available here



Here's Ivan. A nifty double breasted wool coat perfect for winter and early spring.

From A:S:S


A:S:S <3 Amnesty International

In a collaboration with Amnesty International -E I've made a special collection of -tshirts.
3 of these are freebies, available in my mainstore and at the AI headquarters in SL.
Four of them are for sale and all profits from these $L50 shirts will go directly to Amnesty International.


Free Christmas gift wrapping

Want anything from A:S:S as a transfer version in a nifty gift box? Let me know and I'll make it upon request.