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Mix and match tanks

I think I've just taken usability to whole new heights... ^^

Check out these mix and match tanks, they come in two versions, long, plain ones and short printed ones. Each pack has one tank of each in all layers plus a version with both tanks in one already, giving you at least three different ways of wearing them. The fatpack has.. well.. all of them.. giving you... um... I do suck at math, but a crapload of combination possibilitys!

Pick the up at the A:S:S mainstore


Fuzzy angora scarves

Fuzzy angora scarves, perfect for getting you through those chilly autumn days. $L80 for one, $L350 for all eight. Get them at the A:S:S mainstore.


Lucky chair skins

Here's a treat... two skins, only available in the lucky chair at A:S:S. ^^
You'll find the chair upstairs in the bargain department.


Slick V-necks

Get a pack of 14 colours for just $L350! Perfect as a wardrobe base. All layers, unisex, copy/mod.
Singles also sold for $L50.

A:S:S mainstore SLURL

Cuddly shirts! ^^

Cuddly, cosy knits with prim collar, cuffs and bottom, $L70, or $L350 for the fatpack.
Unisex and all layers

A:S:S mainstore SLURL


Get your rockstar out!

Sexy, low rise, rockstar, snakeskin pants! All layers, copy/mod, $L70 or make a real bargain with the fatpack for $L250. At the A:S:S mainstore!

Child of the revolution

For that 1920's leninist activist in you. ^^

Get it at the A:S:S mainstore


Hana dress

Sakura printed dress in all layers. Long and short skirt, gloves, leggings arm and leg bands incl. Copy/mod, $L170 at A:S:S


Teh sex!

Unisex, all layers, sculpt details. Fatpack available for $L300, and the camo coloured one is up in the MM board for the day. Get it at A:S:S ^^