A:S:S - Info and policys

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✯ Something else? Contact Photos Nikolaidis inworld.
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A:S:S deLuxe - Mirth & Steel

We're proud to present a new extreme piercing from A:S:S deLuxe - the smile enforcer, Mirth & Steel

115L, copy/mod with a single script resize hud



A:S:S nails for the SLINK avatar enhancement system

I made some nails for the SLINK hands and feet. Note that these huds will ONLY work with the SLINK system, so if you aren't familiar with it, start here instead.


If you do however have these hands/feet, lookit these nails!

Each hud is 97L and can be found here:


Free head-alpha combinations

I made some combos for the most common head-alphas, eyes, ears, scalp and lashes. Hopefully helpful when you run out of alpha layers.
Here - right inside the door of the main building.


And the winners of the Vision photo contest are...

3:rd place - 1000L gift card
Hybie Mynx

Vision by A:S:S - Photo contest

2:nd place - 2000L gift card
Strawberry Singh


First place - 5000L gift card
Vanity Mirror

Look into my eyes - Dark Forces

Bonus prices/honourable mentions (100L gift cards coming your way)

Damage. One-Eyed Willie Vision A:S:S contest
DarknessVision by A:S:S - Gala Caproni

YAY and thanks to everyone for participating! I hope you had fun! <3 br="">


A:S:S exclusive gift for the AVENUE Magazine Readers group

The long-kilt in a special edition as an exclusive gift for members of the AVENUE Magazine Readers group. Only at Avenue Zenshi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zenshi%20South/110/80/26


Rezday giftcard sale!

To celebrate this glorious event which is my rezday, and also the day when people like to fool the shit out of eachother, we're having a sale on gift cards. 10% off on all of them. Best opportunity ever to get that cheap gift for the friend you don't really want to give anything to!