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Leather pants

Sooo.. I finally made some leather pants. These have the FF cut at the top (that's impossibly low), but a new cuff style, prim bulge and a belt buckle. And well.. they're leather. Shiiiney leather. (I like shiney, ok..)

First, there's the basic version... plain, sexy and skinny:

If you feel like going over the edge a bit, there's also the nets.

Aaaand! As a bonus, included in all packs, there's the Porno shorts! (way over the edge)

You know you want these! ^^ (they work fine on girls too, just don't wear the prim bulge. Unless you wanna... but it's gonna look odd.)


FF shorts

Not only do they let the cool breeze hit your legs... they also expose most of your ass to it, just like all the other FF pants! Twice the summery goodness!


Best in A:S:S

This Saturday, May 22:nd at 4pm slt it's time to gear up in your finest A:S:S outfit and get your A:S:S over to Starfall, the most awesome club in SL, for a Best in A:S:S party!

Aside from insane fun, the brilliant DJ Dehrynn  and the 3K in cash prices, there's going to be a lucky letter tardis packed with A:S:S stuff as well.

Do I need to say more?

I didn't think so.

I'll just repeat it again to make it clear:

Saturday, may 22:nd
4-6pm slt
at Starfall
Have fun or suffer my wrath!


Sparkles in your eyes II

These are slightly darker than the first set of sparkles, and at least as stunning.

12 new colours available, $L50 per pair or $L400 for the fatpack.
Sparkle reflex prims included.

(there's an exclusive group gift colour in the A:S:S subo too)


Summer tanks

Since it's almost warm enough here to go out without a down jacket, I was thinking it's time for some sexy summer tanks!

They all come in two versions, one regular and one extra sheer for added sexyness *nods*

Out now.