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Leather pants

Sooo.. I finally made some leather pants. These have the FF cut at the top (that's impossibly low), but a new cuff style, prim bulge and a belt buckle. And well.. they're leather. Shiiiney leather. (I like shiney, ok..)

First, there's the basic version... plain, sexy and skinny:

If you feel like going over the edge a bit, there's also the nets.

Aaaand! As a bonus, included in all packs, there's the Porno shorts! (way over the edge)

You know you want these! ^^ (they work fine on girls too, just don't wear the prim bulge. Unless you wanna... but it's gonna look odd.)


merrick said...

The Pornos booty shorts saved my life. Not only are they suitable for day and evening, but the color is versatile enough for every event from fashionista funerals to nights spent in the basement at the local leather BDSM elf club. Of course, if you're like Stormy, you can just wear them around the house with pearls while you vacuum and polish the silver.

Anonymous said...

I am so getting these as soon as possible. ~<3