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New eyes at vision

Free eyes from Vision - eyes by A:S:S

Lots and lots of news at Vision - eyes by A:S:S, including this nifty freebie above!

Also, there's the Vibrant eyes in clear and saturated colours. Prim eyes incl. 50L or 400L for the fatpack.

A:S:S Vision - Vibrant eyes

The supernatural galaxy eyes with the glassy look comes in 16 colours, and includes two sets of prim eyes, regular and extra glowy.

A:S:S Vision - Galaxy eyes

We have also put together some colour coordinated fatpacks for you with assorted eyes from the Vision collection. Perfect if you always wear the same eyecolour.
300L per pack.

A:S:S Vision - Teal packA:S:S Vision - Teal packA:S:S Vision - Grey packA:S:S Vision - Green packA:S:S Vision - Brown packA:S:S Vision - Blue pack

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