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Men in tights?

Hell yes!

Men in tights?

Look at them, they're comfy, kinda sexy if you think about it, and they go with everything! Pinstripes for the formal wear or pink leopards for a night out clubbing. Remember the glam rockers in the 80's? They freakin LOVED tights. Dancers wear them too. And dancers are hot. Right?

Let's all take a break here... and listen to the sound of hipsters thudding to the ground as they overload while trying to figure out if this is ironically cool or just gay...

Men in tights?Men in tights?Men in tights?Men in tights?

Anyway, when you're done figuring out what you think, they're available at A:S:S. $L100 for a 4-pack or $L300 for 4 4-packs. Not 44 packs.. but four 4-packs. That would make it 16 pairs. Or actually, it's 32, kinda, since they all come on both layers. They also have little sculpty cuffs, but that's hardly a selling argument these days. They're also copy/mod for your convenience.

Did I mention... omfg so comfy!

And yes, I do need to sleep.

SLURL TIME! (said in the same manner as you'd exclaim HAMMER TIME! and for that I'd like to blame Emerald Wynn)


1 comment:

Dread said...

When i got the ad i laughed loud, but its really true, men in tights are sexy, maybe its because i am from the generation which still remembers KiSS and Freddy & all the other cool metal guys (eg. the Axl Rose) in them skinny pants, but, a man who enjoys himself fashion and a look onto his shape, hey,...thats def. cool-or?! (nice thingie Photos!)