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I got this really nice review today by some really charming people who came by for the clearance sale.
It went like this:

[1:54]  Andrew Chauveau: its all ugly shit tho
[1:55]  Veronica Sivocci: everything here is
[1:55]  Andrew Chauveau: hahaha true say
[1:55]  Andrew Chauveau: wtf
[1:55]  Andrew Chauveau: ok like
[1:55]  Andrew Chauveau: who COULDNT make this srsly
[1:55]  Arcus Algoma: I actually think I got current skin from here >-<
[1:55]  Veronica Sivocci: lmao
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: rf
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: barf*
[1:56]  Veronica Sivocci: aw
[1:56]  Veronica Sivocci: well
[1:56]  Arcus Algoma: lol
[1:56]  Veronica Sivocci: we're just picky b/c we're fashion gurus
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: if i go to a store and i could make everything in it, it's not good enough
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: hahaha
[1:56]  Veronica Sivocci: people who need cheap stuff would love it here
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: i guess
[1:56]  Andrew Chauveau: but
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: i can find better freebies than this
[1:57]  Veronica Sivocci: lol
[1:57]  Arcus Algoma: agreed
[1:57]  Veronica Sivocci: what if the owner's here
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: wtf
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: ur wearing the skin
[1:57]  Arcus Algoma: and I could make a bunch of it already, but not eerything
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: lol
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: they arent
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: their name is photo somthing
[1:57]  Arcus Algoma: i been here less than 2 weeks
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: OH HAHAHA
[1:57]  Arcus Algoma: ::shrug::
[1:57]  Andrew Chauveau: THEY ARE HERE

So.. here I really had the chance to go all Ricki Lake, like
"ok... like... srsly... wft! Get the fuck outta ma shop you fugly bitches" and hit the ban button with some stylish head and wrist-action to accessorise.

But did I? No.. I went:

[1:57]  Photos Nikolaidis: He is, but that's fine. ^^

Eh... here I get the best opportunity ever to take out my aggressions on random people I don't care for, and I decide to be all zen about it? "It's fine"?!? What the hell is wrong with me?

Credit to the girl for at least trying to make some kind of apology though.

[1:57]  Veronica Sivocci: lmfao aww <3
[1:58]  Veronica Sivocci: your stuff is great love goodj ob
[1:58]  Arcus Algoma: no many people with my time have a 100% custom avie, (this aint it)
[1:58]  Photos Nikolaidis laughs
[1:58]  Veronica Sivocci: yaeh being on sl for 4 years, you start to get extremely picky
[1:58]  Veronica Sivocci: I sorry..
[1:58]  Veronica Sivocci: so i'm really I'm Sorry! about what we said
[1:59]  Veronica Sivocci: LMAO
[1:59]  Arcus Algoma: ::sighs, changes clothes yet again::
[1:59]  Veronica Sivocci: karma baby
[1:59]  Photos Nikolaidis: No need to try to smooth over, really. I'm assuming you ment it. I'm not hurt and will go kill myself or antyhing.

Though.. I can't say that it felt very sincere or gave me a fuzzy feeling....
(Note how I had no fucking idea how to respond here... all I could do was laugh about it because it was so absurd.. )

Was I upset?
Obviously. That's like having someone tell you that your a talentless twat with ugly offspring.

Will I close down my shop and cry for a week?
Eh.. no. I'll settle for this petty blog post.

Will I try to change my stuff into what they want?
No, I kinda like my ugly shit. That's why I make it.

Will I photoshop them into my stuff and post all over the internet?
Umm... ooh... very tempting..not to mention hilarious...  but too much work.

Have I never trashed somone elses stuff?
Sure I have. I'm just not stupid enough to do it in open chat.

Why do I let myself be bothered by a couple of fashionista brats who take themselves far too seriously?
Well, they DID hit me over the back of my head with my own ego in a most effective way. I think I have a concussion.

Do I think they'll read this post?
Hell yes, I'm sure they google themselves more than me even.


SpAnKi said...

aw, so sorry this happened :(

I was just in your store last week and I bought a bunch of stuff, and I sent the LM to my bro becuz I kno he will love it too. I think your stuff is well made, sexy, edgy, and affordable. I was very happy to find your blog/store. I'm a host and dancer and there's no way I would dress in 'ugly shit', who would tip that? hehe.

I kno its incredibly hard not to, but don't listen to them. You know how it goes... some people talk you down to make themselves feel better. There's alot of that in SL. Just keep doin what your doin, becuz I'm sure your sales speak louder than this bunch of halfwits.

Sincerely, a fan
*heading to the clearance sale as soon as he gets out of work!*

p.s. I am also a photographer in SL and wearing a creation of yours in my latest picture I'm working on. I could say it has inspired the whole shot. I'll link you when its done, if you're interested.

Photos Nikolaidis said...

Aw, thanks. ^^
And I'd love a link to the pic when it's done.

Tourette said...

You know all the really cool people (like me) love your stuff.
Isn't that what counts?
/2 2

Joshooah Lovenkraft said...

Awww don't mind the haters! I still remember your early days before you became a fabulous famous designer (yes I said it) when you had your 500L limited edition Jared Leto eyes!!! Remember those lol? People will hate on you like they do with Lady Gaga but just continue raking in the dough and keep a poker face and enjoy what you're doing. Your stuff is innovative, creative, affordable and FUN so just keep on doing what you're doing!! Funny story though lol ;)

Photos Nikolaidis said...

Josh.. those were a.. eh.. social experiement.. yeah.. to see what people would buy..*coughs* yeah. that's it.

Teleny Macarthur said...

As a person who's been the victim of this kind of shit, I sympathize, dude. You're stuff is very well done, and I've sent people there who were searching for the type of clothing that you offer. BTW.... your response was very well done. *applause* for being gracious! (but, I DO kinda like the photoshopping idea! LOL!)

Pookie said...

Really... I buy allot of clothes and look at allot more and think I know good quality. As coincidence, I was in the shop early this morning after not having been 'round recently (sales have that effect on me) and the items there show 1) a clever & creative concept that 2) is well crafted and executed against. Plus it reflects personality & heart.
Those peeps were boors who were trying to impress each other with their purported knowledge & expertise. You're allot more charitable than I; If it were me I'd be standing on Orientation Island handing out free t-shirts to every resident with these ape's pic and appropriate caption.

Photos Nikolaidis said...

Thanks guys. I do appretiate the support. (if I didn't want that I wouldn't have posted it *coughs*)
The tshirt-idea isn't bad Pookie, but as with photoshopping them into my clothes, it would take time and effort that I'll rather spend on fun things. ^^

Ima Peccable said...

I seriously think I ran into those two at another place when I went to pick up a discounted barn for my bunnies, because I recall 2 peeps slamming the quality there as well. (Maybe it was for the Friday sales and they had nothing better to do with their pitiful lives.)I remember wanting to tell them both to STFU but lagged out from their high ARC so I flailed helplessly and tp'd away to friendlier places.
We're always going to have random idiots in our midst: driving like maniacs while multitasking on phone and smoking, driving with a knee and leadfooting...wondering why people honk at them and how they ended up in ER. (Silly example, but I have a sis who drives like that and it's a wonder she's still alive.)
How we deal with the less fortunate twat-brains will eventually make us who we are.
Phos...stay awesome and hilarious, keep making whacky stuff so we can be amazed and fight our shopping urges when we suddenly find ourselves in your store again, oogling the cute stuff that insists on being bought! <3

Anonymous said...

D: I love your stuff! Honestly, I go to your store each time you post about an update just to go and look at it.

I sat for 20mins. trying to figure out what pair of slippers I wanted to get on Clearance. I still have no idea, but I think one my alts will just love them. :P

This kind of stupidity has happened to me before. Someone actually clicked on my "send an IM to the online owner" when they were doing it. Reeeal smoooth.

Oh! *is Eunis Xaris*

SpAnKi said...

hey :)

here is the pic, if you wanna see

Spanki ^^

SpAnKi said...

oh, a link would be good *duh*