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omgwtf? A whole new A:S:S?

 Once upon a time there was this shop owner, who'd been mucking about for ages, thinking he should really do something about the chaotic state of his shop, but he just never got around to it.

Then, one Saturday in March, inspiration struck him, like an acme anvil in the back of the head.
He started from scratch, killed all his darlings and worked non stop for two days.

And from the ashes rose...

A whole new A:S:S!

Complete with new nifty shop design, airy spaces, a lovely view from the large windows and a fleamarket where all this darlings that couldn't be killed ended up in boxes priced from $L10.

Yay! Come check it out! *bounces*

1 comment:

Teleny Macarthur said...

Hooray!!!!!! Can't WAIT to check this out,Photos! Looks amazing!