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Twinge Locket Multitarget!

We all know it... the twinge. That distinct feeling that clenches your heart when that login windows pops up and it's the love of your SL.

Just like the old Twinge locket, The A:S:S - Twinge Locket - Multitarget can be tuned in to the cause of Your twinge, emitting a series of heart particle bursts when the avatar logs in.

The news is that this locket can hold up to 10 targets. You can either have it twinge on that big love of your sl only, or add your family, friends, lovers, or lover's alts! ^^
It can also automatically change the picture to the last logged in avatar on your list.

To change the picture manually, you just click the locket.

The new Multitarget locket is $L250 and is available in both a trans/mod version or a copy/mod version.

If you perfer the old, simpler version with one target, that's still available for $L199.

Get it at the A:S:S Mainstore

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