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7Seas fishing with custom prizes at A:S:S

If you're into 7S fishing you now have a great chance of combining that with the chance to catch some stuff from A:S:S as well! Just follow the path from the store entrance down to the docks and fish away! I'll be changing the custom prizes pretty regularly, but right now, these are the goodies you have a chance to catch along with the regular 7S prizes:

A:S:S - Courderoy pants - gold
A:S:S - Graphic tee - Noice
A:S:S - Highway to hell - t-shirt
A:S:S - Librarian Cardigan - green
A:S:S - Oversized sweater - Striped purple
A:S:S - Sheer shirt - red
A:S:S - Shitty cardigan - Red
A:S:S - Star Cardigan - Grey
A:S:S - Stripey cardigan
A:S:S - T-shirt - Grow up
A:S:S - T-shirt - Shortbus
A:S:S - T-shirt - Younoob
A:S:S - Two tone tank - Fishy
A:S:S - Baseball tee - Fatpack

Some are freebies, some are worth $L200... just to make things a bit more exciting. ^^

The catch rate for A:S:S prizes vs. 7S prizes is 15%


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