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Picture contest reminder!

Tomorrow is the last day to get your submissions to the A:S:S picture contest handed in!

I want the funniest and coolest pictures there are out there of you people in A:S:S clothes.

1:st prize, a $L1000 gift card
2:nd prize, a $L500 gift card
3:rd prize, a $L250 gift card
(if you are several people enering together with one pic, the prize will be divided between you)

- Send your high rez snapshot, (NEEEDS to be FULL perm) renamed with your full SL NAME to Photos Nikolaidis before July 27 .
- Remember, it has to be of you, (or you and your friends), the picture needs to be taken by you. The keword is FUN and you need to wear clothes from A:S:S.

I will be the dictator judge selecting the finalists that then will battle it out via votes in the A:S:S mainstore. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Space%20Illusion%202/69/61/21

Good luck! ^^

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