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The worth of a moment

This morning I for some reason I can't explain woke up with Memorys from Cat's stuck in my mind. 
After walking around humming this old showtune while showering and having coffee it brought my mind to Susan Boyle, that lady who sang another musical tune on Britains got talent.

I hadn't thought about her in a while, and I don't think I'm alone in that. After that first preformance, where she dug herself straight into the hearts of millions of people, the pressure apparently got too much for her. She never could complete the tour, and she never got to live her dream when she finally had the chance.

In one way, this seems incredibly sad. That someone who's been running uphill all their life, when given the chance to do exactly what they want, isn't able to make it. But... then I watched that audition video again. I know it's well edited to add to the effect, but I also know the magic of a live performance, and I am convinced that the completely unedited effect of it was even greater. And.. I came to think, that maybe that one moment was enough to compensate for everything else. That the magic of that one single performance is enough to weigh up for everything else. That maybe, the worth of a moment can be greater than the worth of a lifetime.

I'll gladly admit, that I cry every time I watch that clip. And even the worst cynics can't take that from me. Because, even if she was handpicked, and the whole thing was rigged, an elaborate ploy, the feeling that the people in that room had, that the millions of people watching that clip has gotten, is still real. And I think that the more often we get to feel that way, the better the world becomes.


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