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Japan in our hearts

I havn't written anything about the disaster in Japan simply because I have not yet been able. The past few days I've barely been able to watch the news, because it gets too big, too heartbreaking, and makes me feel so helpless.

But it's my time now to step out of the state of shock, life needs to go on, and it will go on. I have the greatest confidence in both humanitys and mother earths ability to adapt and pull through, even when the worst happens. And this, is surely the worst.

I am certain I will still cry when watching the news, but I can not close my eyes to it any longer.

I can't tell you to pray for Japan, because I'm not religious. But maybe just keeping it's people in our hearts will help. And of course, helping in any other way you can, be it financially or practically.

I know there are several fund raising events going on in sl now.. and LL has made a pacific relief bear, through which you can donate 300, 1000 or 3000 lindens. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/73551

Personally I am not taking part in any of these fund raisers as of yet, aside from buying a bear, but I have given rl money to the cause. And I might yet come up with an SL way to help, beacuse this isn't over yet. Japan is going to need a lot of help for some time forward. 

So I won't forget, and move on. I will remember and keep going forward. And do what I can, as limited as it might seem, to help.