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Your Song - A:S:S flickr contest

Win 1000L in cash, plus 6 months of free releases from A:S:S!

The rules:
- The theme is song titles. Pick any song you want and do your own interpretation of it.
- There has to be at least one wearable item from A:S:S or any A:S:S sub-brand in the picture.
- Post it in the flickr contest group: www.flickr.com/groups/1922347@N20/ before may 31:st and let us know what song it is!
- One submission per contestant is allowed.

Winners will be announced June 2
1:st prize: 1000L plus 6 months of free releases* from A:S:S
2:nd prize: 600L plus 4 months of free releases* from A:S:S
3:rd prize: 400L plus 2 months of free releases* from A:S:S

* Free releases = ALL releases we do on ALL A:S:S brands from June 2 and 6, 4 or 2 months after that.
(We do not promise a specific amount of releases during this period.)

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