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Come and get the green stuff!

A:S:S is turning 5 years old!

We decided to celebrate this event with a week-long rainbow sale. We start off today with 50% off on all things White and Beige and then we work our way through all the colours of the rainbow, ending it with the blacks and greys!

Colours will be swapped at approx. 11AM slt each day.

Dec. 8 - 50% off ALL THINGS WHITE & BEIGE
Dec. 9 - 50% off ALL THINGS RED & BROWN
Dec.11 - 50% off ALL THINGS GREEN
Dec.12 - 50% off ALL THINGS BLUE
Dec.13 - 50% off ALL THINGS PURPLE & PINK
Dec.15 - 50% off ALL THINGS BLACK, GREY AND ANYTHING NOT PREVIOUSLY SET ON SALE (like stuff that's been forgotten or mulicoloured things)

Sale happens at A:S:S, A:S:S decades, A:S:S deluxe and Vision by A:S:S - clothes, eyes, accessories, makeup and all the things!


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