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Do you remember the 1997 Bat Boys summer tour? That little club gig with Lucifer Adhesive when the place was so packed and the ventilation broke and there was condensation running down the walls? Or that time you went to see Killer Leeks but met this really cute girl in the bar and ended up making out with her in the back alley and missed the concert? Did you like Alexandra Lane before they were cool? Remember when Satyroi went big in Japan? And omg, Blatant Dancer at Roskilde -04, that was epic! Potatoes of the Night! Sparklejizz! Disperse Dwarf and the Delightful Revolution! Nagano Project! Darkness of the Vector! So many great bands!

 A:S:S - Bootleg A:S:S - BootlegA:S:S - Bootleg 

We remember it all and now we also have the t-shirts. They come with a matching blazer and can be worn separately or as a combo. For those who want a formal touch to it, there's also a bunch of cool tie-packs to go with them. 150L for a t-shirt/blazer pack, 70L for a pack with 4 ties. Come try the demos!

  A:S:S - BootlegA:S:S - Bootleg

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Anonymous said...

I liked Sparklejizz before they went mainstream.