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A:S:S New Years giveaway for extraordinary people!

We asked you to nominate extraordinary people who have done something amazing for someone else during 2015. Maybe they've done volunteer work for the red cross, rescued a stray puppy, taken their grandma on a road trip or brought coffee for the homeless person outside their house every Wednesday?

Here are the awesome people who have been chosen to receive a 500L gift card from A:S:S, along with the motivation their friend gave!

Nigel Riel 
Someone close to him has been disabled and in and out of the hospital for years.  He lives on disability and has very little money.  His computer is old and dying.  Niggel got him in a conversation about his dream computer and that was his present for Christmas.  The guy was fighting hard not to cry because most of his social time is on the computer because he doesn't get around well.
- Orlando Gascoigne

Beuanna Resident
Beu works hard in real life to care for her elderly mother and her chronically ill husband, so SecondLife is her chance to escape for a few hours and relax... She adores fashion, blogging and SL photography and would be an extremely worthy recipient of a gift card from your store...
- Pink Cardboard

Benton Fretwerk
He took in a pregnant stray cat and found good homes for the kittens. He also is a very kind person who is always willing to help people with their problems.
- Reverie Magic

Willow  Zander (x2)
Cos she's a volunteer pug rescuer, and made Mr Tom's last few years amazing.  And when she rescued Milly and Tilly, she gave them insane love, and when it was obvious that her cats couldn't cope, she broke her heart and got them somewhere else to live.  Instead of beating herself up about it, she should be reminded that she is awesome sauce
- Joanna Sweetwater

For adopting 2 rescue dogs and beating herself up when it didn't work out because of her cats. She is so big hearted and she made a difficult decision to rehome them with the foster lady. She is so selfless and I hope she gets another dog soon who fits in with the cats.
- Sandy Qissinger

Tyr Rozemblum
She was incredibly thoughtful and generous and sweet when she knew I was going through a very difficult time this Christmas, while my grandmother's been dying.
- Lucie Bluebird

Belladonna Adored
I work with Bella in second life. As Christmas was approaching, she shared some information about her life with myself and her co-workers. Every year for Christmas, Bella makes brownies and cookies and other baked goods and delivers them to local firefighters as a way to say "thank you" for their service and to show them that someone is thinking of them around the holiday season.
In addition to this, she also volunteers several times a week at an animal shelter. She herself, has three rescue dogs that she loves and cares for in her home, but she also works with shelter dogs to train them and prepare them for a loving home should they be adopted.
In all my years in SL, I have never come across anyone who works as hard and gives back to her community as much as Belle does.
She is a kind person and a giving soul and I know that winning this contest will make her New Years a lot brighter.
- Octavia Dorchester

Sanura Snowpaw
Sanura has had a rough year but through it all she has remained a bright, positive spirit.  I had many of my own issues this year and she has helped me through them.  She's answered many texts from me at night when I was so sad, frustrated, or angry about something.  She's an excellent friend to have.
- Sileny Noel

Kraftman Gearhead
Kraftman Gearhead and I have been sl friends for many years.  When he found out I was still using an old wired headset to talk to him here he got on Amazon and just bought me a cordless headset..What a generous man!  He does stuff like that, just random kindness.
- Kal Habana

Lanj  Plasker
It may seems small, but she has been a life saver to me. I have suffered from chronic migraine for the last 17 year, first with one that lasted a year and a half, and then with ones that are 10 to 15 days of the month since. My rl friends have slowly dropped away as I have been unreliable, having to cancel things at the last minute due to the migraines. It's hard to be patient with.

Lanj Plasker has been there for me for the last 5 years in SL, always asking how I feel even when I tell her not to because even I get tired of listening to me constantly saying not well. She has been the best friend everyone dreams of but doesn't deserve and never gets. She treats everyone in SL like this..interested, caring, generous.

There isn't enough nice words to describe Lanj Plasker
- Tapika Tomsen

Candice  Zapatero
Volunteered with animal shelter charities while going through treatments for lung cancer
- LeeannaEllaRose  Resident

Thanks to all of you for making the lives of others better and lets have a 2016 full of kindness, peace, tolerance and love. Pay it forward.

Gift cards will be sent out during the day today.

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