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We can do better!

It's a simple idea.

Everyday thousands of us log in around the developed world to spend some time here with friends.  We build cities, build friendships and build realities.  We explore the boundaries of ourselves and our imagination and, on some small level, learn more about what we truely value and can expect from the cultures we live in.

Yet we must acknowledge that for all the pleasure and insight SecondLife provides, our experience here is the height of luxury.  We live so fully in our respective countries that we can afford a second life - an expressive means by which we maximize the interests and pleasures of our lives in general. Meanwhile around the globe, millions of people lack the means to survive with any sense of certainty, to say nothing of the indulgences to which we are priveledged.  This isn't to say that we must apologize for our good fortune, only that we should consider the range of good it is capable of.

So let me take a moment to outline our program.  We invite content creators from across the spectrum in SecondLife to set aside one or two items from their body of work and dedicate them to sell here at our shop.  When you purchase an item from We Can Do Better all of the proceeds are channeled to a different applicant at Kiva.org.  If you are unfamiliar with Kiva please take a moment to visit their site.  Kiva is a microcredit lending service that helps arrange for US dollars to help those in developing countries raise the necessary funds to open and operate their small businesses.   Internationally lauded, Kiva has been featured on countless new programs such as 60 minutes, Good Morning America and endorsed by former US president Bill Clinton as the model of charity for the future.  As Kiva is a micro-credit lending program, the borrows do return the funds loaned to them at a small interest rate.  We have no interest in keeping the returns, they will always be re-loaned back to new applicants.  Should we ever discontinue the project the loans will be collected and donated directed to Kiva itself to help cover their overhead.

We believe in full transparency and will routinely update vendors as to how much we have collected and who recieved our support.  You will also be able to monitor our progress through checking our group profile 'We Can Do Better' at Kiva.org for yourself.

Thank you.
Michael DelaCroix and the team at We Can Do Better

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