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Xstreet changes

Due to the changes in xstreet billing (https://blogs.secondlife.com/thread/5042) I have removed a large part of my stuff from there since it simply won't pay for itself. What's left are the big sellers and some of fatpacks. The free bishonen skins V2 are also staying, at least for now.

As for my opinion on these changes... well.. the idea is fine. To remove the "clutter" from xstreet, making it easier to find relevant stuff. I'm all for that.. nothing worse than having to sift through business in boxes and random crap to find what you're actually looking for. However, it also forces me to take down a lot of my cheaper stuff and freebies. Even though those might be very relevant to people who actually want them?
I also belive they should have focused on making the site user friendly first. As it is now it's got one of the worst interfaces I've seen, especially from the merchants point of view. And lets face it... the search really sucks.

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