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A:S:S customer survey results

First of all.. thank you! I got a lot of constructive critisism, fun suggestion and ideas, and so far I've only counted to one troll! I'm really impressed and rather happy. I hadn't planned on publishing any results, but since the people who participated were so honest and polite, I'll give the same in return. So, here's a summary and some of my conclusions.

I have also decided that ALL of you who answered the survey up until now will get a gift. So keep a look out for that since it should be coming soon!

On to the results....

A majority of the A:S:S customers are male, not surprising since most of the stuff is made for guys. 6.4% of the A:S:S customers clicked "other" on the question and 4.3% doesn't really care and can be whatever gender that suits them, or others, for the moment. In short, but I already knew this, my customers rock!

What people like most about A:S:S, in this order, but it's still really close, is the designs, the prices, the free shit and the high usability (multiple layers) of the clothes. I can't see the designs changing radically since I just make what I feel like making all the time, and the prices will stay at a decent level. Free shit will continue to come on a semi-regular basis.

Surprisingly then, is that on the list of what people dislike, the multiple layers rank rather high. (in %, that is. The number of people with that opinion is still pretty low) I can only conclude that either you like to mix and match, and love the layers, or you're more a "I'll wear what's in this folder" and then you don't like it. Either way, multiple layers are staying since me and the majority want it that way. (and if they clutter your invent, just throw some out)

However.. what tops the dislike list, with a killer majority, is "my ass hangs out of the pants".
Well... this is an area where I can pretty easily please you.
Making some pants that are more high rise isn't a problem, so I will. \o/
I've also instated the ass-o-meter... a little coverage-level symbol that now accompanies all the pants vendors, so you know before hand how much of your ass that's gonna hang out.

A small number of people also find the prim parts hard to fit to their avi. I realised I should have asked why as well here, since that could be the case for a number of reasons. However, I can also see that a majority of the people of that opinon have female avis, and the clothes at A:S:S, even if gender neutral in the shading, are fitted on male shapes. This makes me think it's that rather than the editing skills-level, so using more resize scripts probably won't help... If you have more input in this question, feel free to leave a comment to this post.

Notice frequency:
Seems I'm doing about right when it comes to this, the large majority wants notices either with every release or every week. I try to not spam and keep the notice frequency to one or max two per week. In periods when I'm more productive, you get more notices. And to the two souls who only wants notices with freebies in them... sorry.. not gonna happen. ^^

The blog:
A little more than 50% of you have visited the blog at least once, and 21% are followers/subscribers. I'm actually pleasantly surprised at this high number!

Ok, moving on to some (not all) of the specific sugeestions you people have had, and my response to those.

Hair - Well... I have -tried- making hair.. but trust me.. what I've come up with so far you wouldn't want to wear.. but I havn't entierly given up on it yet.

Shoes - There has been some attempts in the shop.. so far they've sucked... but as with the hair, it's still somewhere there in the back of my mind.

More accessories - In periods I love making accessories, and I think I've been improving in that department lately, so yes, I think you'll see more accessories in the future.

More girls stuff - I have slowly phased myself out of making girls clothes, because I find that I don't enjoy that even nearly as much as I enjoy making things for myself. And given that the large majority of my customers are not girls, I see this as an unlikely development.

Tattos and more tattoo layer makeups - When it comes to traditional tattoo's, I'm really not very good at it. But makeup and as someone called it, "face adornments". Yes. Big fat yes. More of that is definitly coming up. I love the tattoo layer. I might marry it.. or at least do more stuff with it.

More underwear
- Sure, why not.

And finally, 98% of you would recommend A:S:S to your friends without getting payed to! Yay!

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