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The ass-o-meter!!

This weekend I'll present a little summary of the customer survey, and the names of those who've won stuff for participating. But... I can already now say, that the most common complaint people have, is that some of the pants are a bit (a lot) too low rise.

So, without further ado, I would like to present, the ASS-O-METER!

This little symbol can now be found on all pants vendors, and tells you exactly how much of your ass that's gonna hang out of those particular pants.

And yes, I am planning a relase of new jeans, that are not in the ultra category. But you'll have to wait a little longer for those.

(Edit) Yes, I know it looks like there's a pic missing there, and it kinda is.. but right now, the ass-o-meter doesn't go any higher than to medium... *coughs*

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