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A:S:S Mesh tanks for summer

A:S:S - June tank tops (MESH)

It might be 4C and raining here at the moment, but I'm going to pretend like it's summer anyway. So hey, tank tops! These rigged mesh tanks come in 18 variants, each one is delivered in 5 sizes and with 2 alphas (full perm AND with textures if you need to fiddle with it) and are 85L per tank. maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Space%20Illusion%202/67/56/22

  A:S:S - June tank tops - patterns(MESH) ----
A:S:S - June tank tops - plain (MESH)

A:S:S - June tank tops - prints (MESH)

A:S:S - June tank tops - stripe (MESH)

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Emerald Wynn said...

The unicorns tank made me LOL. :)