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Your Song - The Winners!

It's time to present the three winners of the A:S:S flickr contest - Your song!

These were the rules:
- The theme is song titles. Pick any song you want and do your own interpretation of it.
- There has to be at least one wearable item from A:S:S or any A:S:S sub-brand in the picture.
- Post it in the flickr contest group: www.flickr.com/groups/1922347@N20/
before may 31:st and let us know what song it is!
- One submission per contestant is allowed.

And here are the winners!

3:rd prize: 400L plus 2 months of free releases from A:S:S goes to:

Yannick Sands for Time to dance
Picture: flic.kr/p/bYPviJ
Song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO4urWHz2oo

For impressive use of the Crotch Discoball, an item we never thought we would ever see in any sort of official context!


2:nd prize: 600L plus 4 months of free releases from A:S:S goes to:
Poly Pistachio for Running from Lions
Picture: flic.kr/p/c4wF5E
Song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvVecqag8Ug

For a picture with a great sense of humour and for having fun with the contest and the concept.


1:st prize: 1000L plus 6 months of free releases from A:S:S goes to:
Ayla Qinan for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Picture: flic.kr/p/bVBhpJ
Song: youtu.be/PIb6AZdTr-A

For a beautifully shot and edited picture full of life and movement, telling the story of the song perfectly.


Aside from the cash prizes you have all been added to our promotion sender for the duration stated. Congratulations, and thank you for playing with us! <3

1 comment:

Ayla Qinan said...

Thank you so much Pho, i had fun shooting it but didn't think for a second i would win! <3